Blogmas Day 1

Happy Blogmas!

I have been looking forward to blogging more often for so long. One of the things I have most been looking forward to is blogging throughout the Christmas season! I absolutely love the festivity and positivity that surrounds this holiday!

I have always been a “Christmas in July” kinda girl, and am usually thinking about the holiday A LOT in between July and December. This year was a little different with the COVID pandemic, but I am so very happy to be decorating now!

Since my birthday is in November, I have pretty much made it a house rule to not decorate for Christmas until after my birthday. It is nice to have the separation between Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas; however, this year it was quite a hard rule to follow. Although I bought decorations, I never set any up.

Tim and I started began decorating the condo and decided to film/ vlog while we did. I’ll be uploading the footage to my YouTube channel soon 🙂

We set out quite a few holiday decor pieces and set up one of our trees. We will be setting up our second tree later on this week (who says you can’t have more than one tree?!).

I’ll be adding more photos soon, but for now I hope you enjoy! If you’d like to watch us decorate and get a better look at our decor then check out our YouTube channel! 🙂

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