Merry Christmas!! Today is Christmas Day, more so the evening, and I’m sitting down with a Christmas drink to write this post. (Isn’t this mug the cutest?! Tim gave it to me as a Christmas gift ❤️).

My aunt and my sister’s boyfriend just left for the evening after our traditional Christmas meal and a humorous game night! The game,”Relative Insanity”, is so fun but can also be incredibly inappropriate! However, if that’s your kind of game then you should definitely try it out! My aunt bought it for us for Christmas, but you can find it at Walmart or most other popular stores.

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Now I am winding down and relaxing in my pj’s with my family. Tim is playing video games with my dad, and I plan on working on my blog, decorating my planner, and possibly writing in my new journal this evening with my new Cross pen.

This morning was so exciting and fun for us, especially for my niece, Carleigh! I adore her and it makes the morning even better to have a toddler excited about every gift they open! She liked handing out the gifts, but liked searching for her presents even more haha

Tomorrow, my mom and I will be working on our planners! My sisters also have planners, so we may all look through ours together. I have been using an EC Vertical planner for years, and I ended up getting my mom and sisters hooked on it too! This planner has the perfect layout for me, and I love the use of the additional pages throughout the planner. the interchangeable covers, personalizations, and more are so fun!

Also, it looks like Blogmas didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted it to, but that’s alright! This season had its ups and downs for many, so I don’t mind that I didn’t post as much as I expected to.

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday festivities! I’m glad I was able to spend the holiday with my family 😊

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and have a Happy New Year!! Let’s hope 2021 is amazing!

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