HAPPY *almost* NEW YEAR!

2023 is quickly approaching and I am feeling ready for it!

Today I wanted to share some of my new year’s resolutions with you all as there is a bit of irony with it all.

So two of my major goals for the year 2023 are to one, save money, and two, not replace any major household appliances/ plumbing until 2024. Ready for the ironic bit? It’s still 2022.

Today our water sensor/ flood alarm in the basement went off. Our grinder pump had failed and leaked into our downstairs bathroom, grinder pump closet, our utility room, and slowly out to the desk and instrument area. Talk about stress.

We called not one, not two, but three plumbing companies to try and get them out today. The first two were unavailable but thankfully the third company was able to get someone out this afternoon. He just left and our system is fixed, the flooding is clean and sanitized, and all is well.

I may have jinxed us for the end of 2022 – so safe to say I’ll choose my words carefully for the rest of my 2023 resolutions haha

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