While scrolling through Pinterest , I saw a couple of wedding mood boards and color palette pins pop up. I got inspired and decided to create my own!

When planning for our wedding, I knew I wanted a mix of colors. Wedding videos and online articles may recommend one or two primary colors to focus on but I had THREE. Blue, Pink, and Orange.

Yes, I got a couple of head turns when I said it aloud but if you’re a bride with a vision, trust your instinct (and the process) haha. Sometimes I even wondered what I was thinking; however, it all came together so nicely!

We hired a photographer (who is to credit for my gorgeous photos I use for my posts) and a videographer for our wedding and I look back on our memories all the time. Our photographer gave us so many photos (like over 300 I think!) but it feels like there aren’t enough moments from the day captured on camera… Anywayyyy… it is safe to say I enjoyed looking through them again for the little color palettes I made ๐Ÿ™‚

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