Well, 2020 is officially behind us and today is the first day of 2021.

My life has changed in so many ways this past year, in some good ways and in some not as great. Although some of these bumps in the road have been hard to overcome, I strive to be as optimistic as I can be. I’m also so thankful for what I have, and that I don’t need to worry about what I had.

I am so so SO thankful for my caring and kind and loving fiance, Tim. I’m very lucky that I have such a caring soul to spend my life with.

I’m also so thankful for my family and friends. Without them, I definitely would have been just a little more stressed out in 2020.

I got engaged this past year, I moved, and I graduated from freaking college! I rarely hype myself up, but I was a boss this year. I’m proud of myself and I know that I’ll be able to conquer anything that may come my way.

Now, with 2021, there is so much to look forward to!!!

Tim and I are getting married! We are so excited for our wedding and everything in life that comes after. I am so looking forward to the rest of the wedding planning process and sharing this process in-person with my family and friends, as well as virtually, here on my blog.

I’m also looking forward to traveling in 2021! I am praying that everything will work out perfectly for our honeymoon. We have made all necessary reservations and I honestly could not be more excited! I’ll be keeping it a secret online until we’re closer to, or past, the date.

Tim and I are also planning on moving this year! The possibility of moving and beginning our life somewhere else is extremely exciting and makes me feel confident that we can do anything, go anywhere, and persevere through everything together โ™ฅ๏ธ

We will be making our New Year’s Resolutions today and I am looking forward to planning out our year together ?


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