Tim and I have officially moved from our condo and we couldn’t be more excited!

Our condo was fairly small and located in a largely populated area. We enjoyed a small cement balcony where we had pizza dates and kept potted flowers that we struggled to keep alive (I’m planning on trying to have more of a green thumb, haha). To get home, once we parked in the condominium’s parking lot, we had to walk three flights of stairs just to get to our door. Bringing groceries home was such a pain and I for sure will not be missing that!

I loved that we spent the first part of our relationship together there, but we were ready for a house where we could have a yard!

Tim also desperately wanted to grill and we weren’t allowed to previously. Within our first few days at the new house, we purchased a grill and had it delivered straight to our home. The employees even set it up for us, so it was basically ready to use right away. Perfection!

We moved from our little condo to a cute beach cottage (in another state)! We are so excited to have moved to Maryland. I’m looking forward to summers on the beach, sunny days spent with my family, and spending our first year married in such a cozy home.

It has been so nice to simply walk a couple of minutes and have my toes in the sand and a beautiful view in front of me – such a change from endless traffic and buildings as far as the eye can see.

Each morning, I take our German Shepherd, Gus, on his morning walk. We have been walking down to the beach and he’s loving every minute of it! The sand, the sun, and the water. Oh gosh, does he love the water! I can barely keep him out of it, haha.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to search for shark’s teeth on these walks. I’ve found 60 so far and that’s in just 4 days!

The photos below are just a little intro into our life on the beach. We’ll be doing a home tour soon, once all the boxes are unpacked and put away! Here’s the beginning to A Year on the Beach. Cheers!

~ Bethany


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