If you’ve seen some of my previous posts, or my Instagram, you can see that I love planners, planner stickers, and other planner accessories!

Just before Christmas, I ordered some stickers from BrandysShop on Etsy (see her store page here!).

I thought I would share the amazing stickers I found, especially since her page is currently having a 50% off flash sale.

I decided to go ahead and buy for various seasons and holidays, as I don’t purchase stickers in bulk too often. So there are a variety of stickers in this haul. I bought a total 14 sticker pages (13 for myself and 1 for my sister). I also got some freebies from the shop!

Above is a brief overview of the stickers! Below are some close-ups, as well as details on the sheets.

Holiday Sheets

In order from top to bottom:

Simple Christmas Full Box Planner Stickers Glossy

Hello October Full Box Planner Stickers Glossy

Haunt Me Full Box Planner Stickers Glossy

In the first kit, I love the full Christmas vibes. Decorating the tree, setting up a gingerbread house, wrapping presents, and decorating the house are all perfect stickers for prepping the house for the Christmas season!!

The next two kits scream, “Happy Halloween!!”. How could these kits get better? I mean, seriously, they are perfect!

My favorite sticker on the first Halloween sticker sheet is the dog with the sheet over his head. I also love the smoking jack-o-lantern in the second sticker sheet!

Kits like these always make planning even more fun!

Assorted Boxes and Washi

From top to bottom (on the right side of photo)

Sweetie Assorted Boxes Planner Stickers Glossy

Mystic Forest Assorted Boxes Planner Stickers Glossy

Mystic Forest Bottom Washi Glossy

Then on the left side, from top to bottom:

Love Spell Assorted Boxes Planner Stickers Glossy

Christmas Bake Off Assorted Boxes Planner Stickers Glossy

I love that I was able to buy so many sheets of assorted boxes. These types of boxes are so useful for tracking, writing down daily tasks, homework assignments, doctor appointments, and more. What’s also great is that these kits can be used any time of the year! Even though the last assorted box sheet is named the “Christmas Bake Off”, I’ll probably end up using it in the middle of the year.

Self-Care and Celebrations Kit

From top to bottom:

Love Yourself Full Box Planner Stickers Glossy

Be Your Own Valentine Full Box Planner Stickers Glossy

Celebrate Fully Box Planner Stickers Glossy

The first kit here is a purely self-care kit! Which I’m most likely going to use next time I plan a Cozy Night In and Spa Night! (Check out what products I love to use here!)

The next kit would be perfect for a Galentine’s Day or just a self-love week. I am engaged, and I still think this kit could be perfect for celebrating Valentine’s day or an anniversary! (Disregarding the “to: me, from: me” gift! haha).

The last kit called “Celebrate” is beautiful! The blue and pink coloring makes this kit perfect for a baby shower! I also love the overall elegance of the kit and the style of the envelope. I think I may use this kit for my bridal shower! The balloons, pretty drink stand, and the photos all seem perfect for a bridal shower to me! ๐Ÿ™‚

Vacation / Summer

From top to bottom:

Sun Kissed Full Box Planner Stickers Glossy

Beach Pier Full Box Planner Stickers Glossy

My fiance and I are going to St. Thomas Island for our honeymoon so I thought some beach kits would be perfect to spread out over that time! My girlfriends and I may also have a beach trip so I could also use these kits for that!

Plus, this summer I plan on spending my evenings and weekends on the beach ?โ˜€๏ธ

BrandysShop Freebies!!

These freebies are so cute and so useful for tracking! Recycling, phone calls, nail polish, face masks, mail run, binging YouTube videos and TV shows, and more!

These are perfect little miscellaneous stickers to add a little bit more of your daily life to your planner!

Where do you buy your stickers from?

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